The Climate Smart Agriculture Youth Network is a group of volunteers (based in countries in SSA, also Asia, USA and Europe)- linked across the world via an online platform to share findings and seek advice for their practical projects – that have a strong interest in Climate-Smart Agriculture(CSA) and the environment. The main objective of the CSAYN is to create awareness, sensitize and build the productive capacity of young people and People Living With Disabilities(PLWD) on CSA concepts for adaptation, reducing emissions (mitigation) and increasing food productivity in a sustainable manner.


  1. Hi! Im writing on behalf of Earth in Brackets, a youth group involved in environmental and social justice.
    We will be attending COP20 in Lima as a delegation and were wondering if some of you people will be around as well. We would like to hear more about the type of work you are doing.

    Looking forward!


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  2. Dear Maria,

    Thank you for your interest. Yes we are intending to be present at COP20 in Lima, however we do not have much information about the activities we will be having. If you want we can keep in touch to inform you!



  3. Hi my name is Claudio, I work in the Climate Change program of IICA (www.iica.int). I want to know if you have activities in Latin American and the Caribbean.

    Thanks, best regards


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