National Youth Dialogue

The National Youth Dialogue *Making Agriculture Attractive to the youth and promoting school feeding initiatives* 

Issues raised

1. Low participation of youths in agriculture because of lack of knowledge and interest in agriculture causing low employment among youths,

Advocacy Issue
*Inadequacy promotion of agriculture in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions*. 

2. Limited capacity to own land the major factor of production.

Advocacy issue
*Lack of access and control of land by the youth*

Ongoing discussion.

Making agriculture attractive  to the youth.

Meralyn mungereza Comtry manager *TechnoServe* 

How can youth access credit at lower interest rates. 
Youth formation shd be given a priority.

Use of digital technology on agriculture advertising.

Easier gric platform, it employs young people to understand the size of land in order to get to know the actual size of land, right inputs etc...its on google play


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