Congo-Brazzaville : processor of MAIZE

Hi CSAYN GLOBAL. I’m Steve-NDENDE, CSAYN Congo-Brazza member, chairman and co-founder of NGO.
AgriZoom is a Crowdfunding and E-commerce  platform that’s helping farmers, fishermen and processors of agricultural products from all over the country to raise funds and also to access the market in order to avoid food waste.
We are the 1st web Agriculture media of the Republic of Congo.
Here is one of our latest videos with a Processor of MAIZE. is a young company that has offered to provide various solutions in Congolese society. With the development of Sami porridge, they intend to feed this population with their good quality product.
The concern is to limit imports and rebalance Congo’s balance of payments by confining itself to local consumption and reduce malnutrition among nurturers.
Sami porridge is a processed product. its taste is unique because of its composition made of eggs, rice, corn and spaghetti.
N.B: All AgriZoom-Tv Videos are in French. we will include English subtitles to all our future videos from January 2019

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