CSAYN Managing Director attends the 2018 Scale Up Conference at Purdue University

CSAYN Founder and Managing Director, Mr. Ntiokam Divine drew emphasis to the engagement of youth in climate smart agriculture at the Scale Up Conference organized by the Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, USA. The conference provides a platform for sharing of effective ideas aimed at scaling up agricultural technology and innovations in developing countries.

Mr. Divine with his poster presentation on CSAYN’s work towards youth engagement in Climate Smart Agriculture

Mr. Divine made a poster presentation of CSAYN’s mission to employ real time climate data to change the negative perceptions of the youth towards agriculture and further supporting their active participation in climate smart agriculture activities. CSAYN believes that this will increase the resilience of the agricultural sector to climate change. Further, Mr. Divine also emphasized the need to empower communities over the world through the Sustainable Development Goals. He presented CSAYN’s work in translating these into 30 local languages to ensure that youth and women are an active part of development.

Mr. Ntiokam Divine with other agriprenuers sponsored by AfDB and the Bank President Dr. Adesina

These ideas were well received by the conference attendees including Dr. Akinwumi Ayodeji Adesina, President of the African Development Bank Group and 2017 World Food Prize laureate, who was the keynote speaker at the conference. Mr. Divine engaged with other agripreneurs who are sponsored by the African Development Bank.

Training at Purdue Foundry on Business Canvas Model facilitated by Bill Arnold, Program Manager – Purdue Foundry

As a part of the conference Mr. Divine attended training in Business Canvas Model at the Purdue Foundry facilitated by Bill Arnold, Program Manager, Purdue Foundry and also attended the networking lunch organized by the African Development Bank Group where he met with several officials including Mr. Trent Mcknight, Founder of Agricorps; Dr. martin Freegen, Director of Agriculture and Agro- Industry at AfDB; Mr. Mabaya Edward, Division Manager of Agribusiness at AfDB and Mr. Phyisi Edson, ENABLE Youth Coordinator at AfDB.

Mr. Divine at the networking lunch organized by AfDB with fellow entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector


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