CSAYN Promotes The 6th Brazil Africa Forum Using Music

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Music is the global universal language. It not only conveys stories, but it is also a tool to improve well-being, develop skills and education and create pathways out of poverty. Yet, music has never been looked at a standalone use case and benefit to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Yet, music is creating new pathways to meeting these goals, from making health care more effective to keeping children in education.

CSAYN Promotes The 6th Brazil Forum Using Music.

You can download the song through this link CSAYN 6th Brazil Forum by AYITE AYIVI CSAYN TOGO Representative. As part of his job CSAYN nominate him as the Youth Advocacy & Publicity Team Leader.


  1. This is really the way we can develop our community specially for youth of Africa giving skills, experiences and knowledge related development of Agricultural, livestock and fishery sectors to eradicate malnutrition, hunger, immigration.


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