CSAYN Ivory Coast at the 2018 Civil Society Forum

The African Development Bank launched a call for Proposals for CSO-led Sessions during the 2018 Civil Society Forum. The forum took place in Abidjan, from Monday, May 7th to Wednesday, May 9th, 2018 and revolved around the theme of ‘AfDB and Civil Society -engaging in Accelerating Africa’s Industrialization’.

Young people must be at the heart of the industrialization strategy of African states.
The industrialization model must take into account the conceptual realities for integrated and inclusive industrialization.
Sectors such as agriculture, trade and energy must make it possible to significantly reduce poverty among young people.

We see that 10 to 12 million young people go out each year and come to the labor market, whereas only 3 million jobs are formally created. .
Africa is the youngest continent and we need to take advantage of the demographic dividend to accelerate industrialization.
The development policies of the various states must take into account the recommendations of young people to deal with unemployment.

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