CSAYN Kenya Team Meets for The First Time

– Nairobi, Kenya.
The Climate-Smart Agriculture Youth Network (CSAYN) is coming to Kenya. CSAYN Kenya will be hosted by Better World Systems Ltd. an Agri-Tech company based in Nairobi, Kenya. With CSAYN Kenya set to launch its activities in August, the first team meeting was held on 18th July 2017 at Java Coffeehouse in Nairobi Kenya.


CSAYN Kenya which also functions as the Regional office for CSAYN in East Africa already has 5 team members! These are:

• Muthoni Nguthi, CEO of Better World Systems and Kenya Country Coordinator

• Amanda Namayi of Agricultural Finance Corporation (AFC) and deputy country

• Lamu Maundu, CEO of Atlantis Consult and a Public Relations and Communications expert.

• Jemimah Wanja, CEO of Gallery Iconic, she specializes in Corporate Event Organization.

• Elvis Kamau, Projects Manager at Better World Systems. 


Climate Smart Agriculture is still a relatively new topic in Kenya. There is a need to create awareness on what CSA is, how it benefits the individual and society at large and how the everyday farmer can adopt CSA.
For the first team meeting, the Kenya team discussed how to have a high impact, high visibility launch of CSAYN Kenya by creating relevant local content on CSAYN and targeting various institutions for partnership and participation.


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