CSA Youth Network

Working towards a resilient environment through climate-smart agriculture

Welcome to the CSA Youth Network!

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The CSA youth network is a group of volunteers who have strong interest in Climate-Smart Agriculture, and the environment. Our main goal is to educate the youth and people living with disabilities on CSA practices, increasing productivity, and climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Our project originated from the concern of young Africans on the impacts of climate change on agriculture, food security, the environment, and an interest to create awareness on young people. This way, thanks to the initiative of Divine Ntiokam and Vagish Ramborun, with the support from organizations such as FAO and FARA Africa, the network started to take form and spread to other corners of the planet, from Sub-Saharan Africa to Latin America.

Credit: Plant for the PlanetOne of the main objectives of the network is to sensitize, and build productive capacity in young people and persons living with disabilities on CSA concepts for adaptation, reducing emissions (mitigation) and increasing food productivity in a sustainable manner. We believe that by raising awareness among young men and women and endorsing CSA practices, especially in rural communities, the opportunities of developing a resilient environment will grow.

We welcome volunteers who have a strong passion for climate change issues and CSA, regardless of their backgrounds and locations. If you would like to join our community of practice please fill the form located in the next link: https://dgroups.org/fao/csa_event/youth

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The CSA Youth Network is a group of volunteers that have a strong interest in climate-smart agriculture and the environment. We want to educate the youth on CSA, climate change adaptation and mitigation. For more information please contact us on: csa.youthnetwork@gmail.com

One thought on “Welcome to the CSA Youth Network!

  1. I’m happy to be part of this group. i am looking for ways to add more climate smart agriculture into my teaching. i will sonn begina unit on plants with my 15 yr olds students in Kinshasa and would love some ideas about what we should try and grow and then donate to a local commnity – some kind of tree???? vegetables????


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